Research your choices

There are 3 things you can do to increase the likelihood of your name being approved:

  1. Understand the common reasons why names are rejected

  2. Review the groupings of similar descriptive words for assistance on finding similar names

  3. Use the search tool to research your choices

When you use the search tool, the name you enter is compared with existing names on the BC Corporate Register.  This register includes only corporate names and does not include business names.  It also contains the names currently reserved for proposed incorporations or registrations.


To check names in other jurisdictions...

Your requested name is not checked against names used outside of BC.  If you want to ensure your corporate name is not used outside of BC, you can search Corporation Canada's NUANS (Newly Updated Automated Name Search) database .  


To check existing trademarks...

Incorporating a company does NOT provide a proprietary right or interest in a name. This type of status is covered by federal Trademark law.   Most public business and trademark registers in Canada are reflected in the NUANS database, which may be searched for a fee.  You can also search the Canadian Trademark Database for free.  

More information about trademarks and trade names is available at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.


Title Services

Businesses that can assist you with conducting these other searches can be found under "Title Service" categories of any business directory.