Limited Company/Continuation In

Limited Company

Also referred to as a BC Company or Corporation, a limited company results from the process of incorporation, and is formed according to the terms of a special contract between the members (shareholders).  The terms of the contract are expressed in the corporation’s "Incorporation Agreement" and "Articles".  A limited company has all the powers and capacity of an individual.  

Normally no member can be held personally liable for the debts, obligations or acts of the limited company beyond the amount of share capital the member has subscribed.

In addition, ownership interests in a corporation are usually easily changed.  Shares may be transferred without affecting the corporations existence or continued operation.

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Continuation In

A user who is already incorporated in another jurisdiction and would like to leave that home jurisdiction and move into B.C. may be able to continue their company into B.C. It is recommended you seek legal advice to ensure your company meets all the requirements for conducting business in B.C.

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